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About Us

We are a leading research driven, independent events media organiser, providing first class, exclusive networking opportunities for the Smart Infrastructure and Cyber Security B2B industry. Our vision is simple: Content is King. Our events deliver high value, topical insight and solutions to pressing industry challenges through interactive outreach platforms. We work diligently to deliver the best in public and private information sharing for next generation infrastructure leaders.


To create a community of global leaders with unparalleled knowledge and experience, a common voice for the international Smart Infrastructure industry. To be the first port of call to facilitate discussion and public and private information sharing.

Our Mission

To facilitate progress in the enabling the efficiencies and optimisation of next generation critical infrastructure through genuine
teamwork on a global scale between public and private sectors.

Our Undertaking

Dedicated event initiatives designed to raise awareness regarding issues that require international attention. IoE Smart Infrastructure Events foster collaborative interchanges among infrastructure asset owners and captains of industry essential for developing this teamwork.


We address key digitisation topics across industry sectors such as Transport, Energy & Power, Healthcare, Automotive, Fintech, IOT and IIOT. Opportunities include events, directors clubs, roundtables and webinars.

Supporting the digitisation of next generation infrastructure

We know the business critical issues keeping the C Suite awake at night. Working directly with CTO’s, CIO, CISO, Heads of Operational Technology and  IT, we speak the same language. We work tirelessly to keep ahead of asset digitisation trends, shifts in cultural awareness, training, procurement and implementation challenges.

We are always looking at strategic alliances and new ways to add further value to every event, conversation and meeting to ensure the issues that require international attention are brought to light. Through high value content and a robust network of thought leaders, we raise awareness of global digitisation opportunities and risks to assist in information sharing and the progression of a more efficient, resilient society.

James Nesbitt

James Nesbitt, Founder of IoE Events and The Cyber Senate

The adoption of advanced digitisation and the IOT across critical infrastructure is taking place at a staggering pace. Never before have we had such a unique opportunity to embrace connectivity, enhance efficiency, collaborate and optimise work processes across the enterprise. Innovation at this level however, has inherent risk and consequences and requires thorough testing and examination in the design processes to ensure cyber security and safety.
IoE Smart Infrastructure Events will address the Internet of Everything and digitisation entirely, People-Process and Technology. Whilst all cyber security topics will be driven through our Cyber Senate division.

I have over 16 years experience in developing information sharing opportunities for public and private industry professionals, and a passion for Smart Infrastructure and Cyber Security. Over the last five years leading the firm, I have worked with global CIO, CTO’s, CISO’s, front line IT and OT professionals, leading Subject Matter Experts many consider legends and some of the world’s most respected cyber and technology professionals.

I hope you will support our vision and help us create a common voice for the safe and secure implementation of next generation smart infrastructure.

Diversity is valued and respected.

IoE Smart Infrastructure Events and The Cyber Senate are committed to promoting equality and diversity and promoting a culture that actively values difference and recognises that people from different backgrounds and experiences bring valuable insights to any conference, enhancing the way our event attendees perceive their challenges and seek solutions to their work.

As an organiser, all speakers, panellists and contributors as well as staff at our events are chosen on their experience and ability, each unique in their contribution. We do not favour any contributor based on race, disability, gender, or age and consider it good practice to continually ensure a balanced representation is achieved. We approach speakers from different geographical regions, race, gender and creed and find such diverse programmes to be of the highest calibre and a benchmark for our industry.

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